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Quadral Aurum-7 speakers


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Nov 27, 2023
IMG_4594.jpegIMG_4595.jpegIMG_4596.jpegIMG_4597.jpegPicked these beauties up yesterday from marketplace. The seller imported them from the UK and has switched to a wireless system for tv. Just played about four hours on them now and they are lovely. Will investigate further and give feedback.
Thanks, yes they are not common here but very good cabinet construction and I am curious as to what drivers and xo are used. It sound good with the little 3020👍🏻
Quadral is an old established German brand with several layers / price points of speakers , Aurum at the top - sort of same as B&W that we know better around here. Competes in the market with Canton , Teufel , and some of the more well known German stuff like Dynaudio , and Focal from France. As far as I know they make their own drivers. This set may be 15-20 years old and have a 10" bass driver at the back above the port as in the pic.
I once had a pair of Quadral Wotan speakers. Their ribbon tweeters were damaged and I could not afford the cost of having them repaired (involved sending them to Quadral). So I had to resto-mod it. Involved reworking the crossover to match the Vifa that replaced it.


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More pics of the innards.




Cab thickness at the woofer section is 37cm looks like a sandwich of mdf and superwood?

The midwoofer has nice large magnet and is sealed off in the cab and the tweeter has a cavity to the woofer section with some damping material.

Chassis construction is abs plastic so not great but they sound great and for rock and electronic music they shine. Vocals are also nicely detailed. Overall a good speaker I reckon.