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Logitech Squeezebox Touch Died - Solved!


Jul 9, 2023
This was a post I orgibally made elsewhere four years ago...


So it was working 100% last night and this morning it is as dead as a dodo. The supplied 5v power adaptor is fine, the Touch is still dead with another SB power adaptor plugged in. The TOSLINK LED lights up but the screen remains dead.

I am trying to open this unit, there are a couple of teensy screws at the bottom of the unit and I have also removed the stand. I am wary of doing a nasty when I attempt prying the unit apart - has anyone here any experience on disassembly of the Touch's casing?

Alternatively, I might be in the market for yet another one should anyone have one for sale.

With the helpful advice from John Swenson's article, I managed to open the unit quite easily. Most difficult part was find drivers that matched the Touch's screws (T10 Torque driver for the foot, small Posidrive for the casing screws) and looked in dreaded fear at the inside. While still pondering the best way forward, I had one of my rare brainwaves which was to plug the PSU in and try measure the voltage whilst on load. Easier said than done, I had not yet disconnected the PC Flexicables nor removed the PCB board and while still looking for a suitable voltage measuring point I noticed the unit had come back to life again. I gently shook the unit, probed to find a possible dry joint (yes, as if that is even possible!) and it remained on.

Put it all back together and listening to Boss Radio now as I type this

So although I cannot report on what the problem is/was, as long as it is working I am quite happy!

I just love this unit in spite of its quirks: (See from reply #37 onwards)


A quick update on the buzzing and dead display problems:

Once again this past Sunday morning the Touch began the dreaded "BUZZING" sound (internal speaker as well as to the AVR into which it was passing audio) and I switched the AC power off to the unit, this being the only thing to do to stop this interference. It did this three times within an hour and the last time when I restored the AC power to the power adaptor, the display remained dead while the Toslink LED was burning brightly. A few more on/off cycles got it going again and I figured I had tried everything I could think of, including verification of the wi-fi signal and resetting the unit back to factory default settings a number of times, all to no avail.

I figured there was one thing I had not tried as I could not see it would be of any help but I had nothing more to lose. I re-installed the version7.7.3.r16676 Firmware, figuring this was a waste of time.

Well... for the first time ever, the Touch has so far been running continuously for more than 60 hours without any hiccups of any kind, the dreaded Buzzing seems to be gone, the unit is working absolutely 100% as it was designed to do. So it appears that somehow there was a glitch in the original firmware update, not something that I had expected as there were times that everything was good.

Touch wood that I do not have to update this post with any more problems arising but all seems to be good right now. (y)
Final update as of today:

Happy to report that the solution above is still working for me and that I have increased my count of Logitech Streamers to:

3 x SB Touch units
3 x SB Classic 3 units
2 x SB Transporter devices

All powered by a Raspberry Pi3B streamer running LMS (Lyrion Media Streamer) running 24/7.

I just love Internet Radio but oddly enough have never tried the usual music streaming services, I enjoy a bit of chatter between the music and I am not sure Tidal, Spotify etc would satisfy me.

Since you have so many... Would you be interested in a Duet?
I'm thinking going of going WiiM.
Wiim is great, I have a Wiim Mini, Wiim Pro & Wiim Pro Plus. The latter is a great streamer.

I know nothing about the Duet at all, your opinion on it?

They perform okey. Just dont try and stream flacs with a high bitrate. I'm talking bitrate of over 1000. I think it is too much for the old wifi. I suspect it is old school wifi G. 320K mp3 files work fine, and lowe bitrate flacs works fine. Also the remote portion that comes with the Duet can be used on all your other devices as well. Select which end point you want to control, and it will stream.