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Kiss the Future


Active member
Jul 8, 2023
South Africa
Probably one of the most intense documentaries I have ever seen, and I have watched a few.

Matthew's review on the International cinephile society can be read here:

Cinephile Society

Complex and invigorating, and driven by a perpetual search for meaning through a steadfast exploration of the human spirit, Kiss the Future is truly a labour of love, and all the proof we need to know the importance of art as not only a form of self-expression, but a vital social and political tool that can bring about genuine, long-lasting change.”


Saying that music is a weapon is not an entirely original thought as far as allegories tend to go. However, when people like Enes Zlatar and Gino Jevdjevic express such a sentiment based on their own reflections on the past, we take it as a serious and objective statement, since they were among the countless people who used music not only as a means of escapism during the Bosnian War, but as a tool of resistance and defiance. They are two of the subjects of Kiss the Future, the astonishing documentary by Nenad Čičin-Šain titled after a quote made by Bono in 1997, at the culmination of a years-long journey that U2 took to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina. The band played a vital role in helping bring attention to the Siege of Sarajevo by their activism, in the hopes of shedding light on a crisis that the rest of the world seemed intent on ignoring or at least shifting out of their focus in the belief that it should be resolved internally without intervention from other nations. This belief is often considered a major failure in international relations, especially since (as many have remarked) once other forces became involved the war essentially ended. These are just some of the details embedded in this film, an incredible portrait of a city resisting the external forces that use violence to establish a specific agenda, only further amplifying the discord between the perpetrators and those whom they believed would be easy victims, but who demonstrated nothing but tenacity and commitment to fighting for the cause in their own small but meaningful way.

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