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Great Instrumentals


Jul 9, 2023
I love music from all genres, vocal, guitars, big band, large orchestral - basically anything that does not feature Rap or Ed Sheeran :sneaky:

For the hell of it, I'll post some Instrumentals that I enjoyed from childhood - one does not hear much of these anywhere these days and who knows, maybe some of you might enjoy them as well.

Please post what tickles your fancy, but Instrumentals only in this thread. Youtube links are welcome but not necessary.

Towards then end of the 60s he included this song as well on the same album above.


A lovely catch song, Youtube does not do these two Vaughn songs justice, they both sounded much better on my original Vinyl LP.

And now for that Twin Sax sound...

This recording was probably originally only offered in Mono, conversions to Stereo were not always too successful unfortunately. But a little bit of something is certainly better than a lot of nothing.

The Theme from Dr. Zhivago is a lovely heart-rendering piece of music composed by Maurice Jarre. The original music score was later used for the song "Somewhere my Love", popularised by the Ray Conniff Singers and Connie Francis - both of which are excellent!

Booker T and the MGs did many classic instrumentals, the one that always gets me (it was the test match cricket theme on the BBC when they still could afford sport) is 'Soul Limbo'. I have even seen a punk band cover it live with teenagers moshing. Me and my mate were on the edge of the Mos pit laughing and bouncing around at the same time.

And the self sane punk band (Snuff) playing it live:

But my favourite has always been the Theme from Mr. Lucky - I am a great fan of the Hammond Organ!!

Sadly the YT versions do not do justice to the original audio so beautifully recorded on the original Vinyl.